Customer Benefits

Restaurant Benefits


The NetWaiter online ordering system for restaurants has proven itself in customer approval and satisfaction as the most convenient way to place a takeout or delivery order.

Mobile Ordering and Sites

NetWaiter's technology is able to determine when a customer is accessing your NetWaiter site with their mobile device and automatically display the appropriate mobile site, making navigation simple.

No Waiting On Hold or In Line

Eliminate customer frustration. With our online ordering system, customers aren't placed on hold or get a busy signal. They can order and then just stop by your restaurant and pick-up their food, no waiting in line.

Order in Advance

NetWaiter easily allows customers to place takeout orders in advance, even if your restaurant is closed.

Group Ordering

Allow one customer to submit orders for an entire group. A 'host' can invite others to join a group, allowing each individual to make their own selections, and submit them as one order. It’s perfect for secretaries to arrange an office lunch meeting.

Pay then Pick-Up

With the NetWaiter online ordering system, customers can place an order, pay online, and go to your restaurant for pick-up. For delivery, customers can pay, and you can make the delivery as scheduled. Contact NetWaiter for more information regarding online payment processing.

Nutritional Information

For "Build-Your-Own" items, such as salads. Our proprietary 'On-The-Fly' Nutritional Calculator allows customers to view the exact nutritional content of their item while ordering.

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