Online and Mobile Ordering from NetWaiter

The premier custom branded marketing and online ordering system for restaurants.

The NetWaiter Online Ordering System

NetWaiter's robust online ordering system is easy to use and provides your restaurant a customized and branded online ordering and mobile website allowing you to capture, convert, and retain more business. Your NetWaiter site is fully customizable with graphics, pictures, descriptions, nutritional information, and more.

Mobile Ordering

Your restaurant is provided a custom branded mobile website. When customers visit your NetWaiter site from their Smartphone (i.e. iPhone, Android), the system will automatically recognize their mobile device and display your mobile site.

In addition, your restaurant is provided a unique QR code to help promote your mobile site. When customers scan your restaurant's QR code, they are immediately directed to your mobile site and menu.

Management Console

At any time, you can access your NetWaiter Management Console to instantly view and control your Menu, Location Information, Site Design, Order History, Email Marketing and Promotional System, and much more.

Online Ordering Process and Payments

NetWaiter facilitates orders and payments instantly and accurately. Unlike other ordering systems, NetWaiter sends online payments directly to your restaurant. Instead of waiting for a third-party to collect YOUR money and then send it to you monthly, your online transactions are sent directly to your merchant account.

NetWaiter Performance

Your NetWaiter System is monitored 24/7 at our operations center to guarantee uptime and the best ordering experience for your customers. The key to our outstanding performance and service is NetWaiter's state-of-the-art technology:


How does NetWaiter work with our existing website?

Your menu and mobile site are designed to match your existing website, maintaining your brand and providing a seamless appearance while ordering. To connect your NetWaiter site to your website, simply post a link/button on your homepage.

How quickly can my restaurant launch NetWaiter?

Launching NetWaiter is fast and easy. If NetWaiter's design team provides a custom setup, it is usually complete within 2-4 business days. You may contact one of our Success Specialists regarding your restaurant and the setup process.

How does my restaurant receive orders?

NetWaiter can facilitate orders to your restaurant in a variety of ways. You can choose to receive orders to an existing fax machine, email address (or multiple email addresses), via the NetWaiter Quick-Print Application, or to your POS system.

Can my restaurant(s) be notified when orders are sent?

Yes. NetWaiter's Order Notification System can automatically notify your employees, via telephone, an order is 'inbound'. An additional fee may apply for this optional feature.

Does NetWaiter offer ongoing support?

Yes. You may email NetWaiter, contact your Success Specialist, or dial 866-NetWaiter (x702) for assistance. Although managers rarely need assistance, they have the peace of mind knowing someone will address their issue quickly.

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